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Media Post 3 months ago:

Good afternoon, Lakeshia and I have been underway with planning an amazing Couple’s Retreat weekend since the beginning of January that’s going to top last year’s retreat. The committee members met this past weekend and this team brought some phenomenal ideas to the table! I’ll be sharing insights on events so please check the message board periodically for the latest news. Registration is well on its way! I’m excited that many of you have already signed up. Reminder, your registration and deposit is due March 31st to hold your spot. Please share the website with couples that may be interested in attending. News! On the website I’ve added a page called “Hotel”, this page has information on the hotel accommodations. If you plan on staying at the hotel please go ahead and make your reservations. Click the “Reservation“ link at the bottom of the “Hotel” page and it will take you to the Hilton’s website for reservations. The discounted rate is $129 per night + taxes/fees and is available for a limited time. Payment for the hotel accommodations is not due until you check-in at the hotel. You are not required to stay at the hotel to attend the retreat. Also, you have the option of staying as many nights as you choose. If you have any questions please send me a message anytime.

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