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Couple Hugging


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How do I register?

RSVP on the website and complete the 2023 registration form under the "Retreats" tab on the Header at the top of the website.

Can I come alone?

No.  This retreat is designed to strengthen a relationship. Guest will need to attend with their partner.  Guest can either be married or a couple.

How do I pay for the retreat?

Submit payment through Paypal or CashApp. Include your name in the comments when submitting your payment.  See payment details under the "About" tab on the Header at the top of the website.

Do I have to attend everyday?

No, you can personalize your retreat experience.  Select which days you and your partner would like to attend.

Is the hotel reservation included in the retreat pricing?

No. A link will be provided for attendees to make reservations separately.  Hotel reservations are not required to attend the retreat but encourage to enhance your experience.

How much does the retreat cost?

There is a $60 couple registration fee and daily pricing per couple. 4-day Event Pricing: Thursday-$100, Friday-$180, Saturday-$220, and Sunday-$70

Can I invite another couple to attend the retreat?

Yes, please send an invite request with the couple's name and email address by completing form under the "Contact" tab on Header at the top of the website or send an email to

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